The State Council issued a new guideline tightening the regulation over compulsory education, covering public and private schools providing compulsory education services from preschool to grade 12 middle school education (K-12 education). The new guideline will tighten the regulation on the use of teaching materials as well as the student admissions. The rule stated that any unauthorized teaching materials are prohibited from using. The use of foreign curricula and textbooks is also forbidden. Furthermore, the rules also require local governments and the relevant authorities to centralize and manage the standard for the admission process for both public and private schools. The new rules may negatively affect the quality of curricula and therefore the relative attractiveness of the services provided by private schools as reputable and leading private schools operate bilingual international school in western educational philosophies. Private schools student admissions currently take place earlier than that of public schools and they usually gain partial control over the enrollment process. However, private schools may lose comparative advantages to student admission as both the public and private school begin recruitment simultaneously. On the contrary, higher and vocational education providers currently have little impact from the new guideline.

Bloomberg, The State Council

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