We provide detailed planning to optimize client’s investment portfolio. Our services include discretionary account management, fund and investment consultant services. Through diversified trading platform, retail clients are able to enjoy the benefits and advantages of institutional clients.

Flexible, personalized solutions for investment

The professional investment teams at Frontier Financial Group will understand your objectives for wealth management and assess your risk appetite for investment. Accordingly, we help you to design your personalized investment strategy, to suit your needs and meet your targets.

Focus on the right products

Frontier Financial Group provides a variety of financial products, but you can leave the work of choosing the right ones to our experts. So, you have the peace of mind, there is no need to worry about making wrong decisions.

We monitor the markets for you

The market is ever-changing. Laymen and amateurs would have a hard time following all the news and development of each market, sector, and company. Our teams of investment professionals have all the experience and analysis at discretion, so they can provide timely advice to our customers, execute strategies, and deploy assets quickly.

Experience you can trust

Our investment experts possess at least 15 years of industrial experience on average. Our customers can benefit from their investment advice to steadily growth their wealth.

A disciplined approach to risk management

Our investment team make uses of various tools to monitor and manage risks. In a good market, increase exposures to gain more returns. When the tide changes, retain capitals in safe assets until opportunities arise again.

A full-fledged service platform

In addition to securities products, Frontier Financial Group also offers real estate services including dealing, leasing and property management, and insurance products such as private life plans and global medical plans. We are the one stop shop for our customers' extensive needs.

Discretionary Investment Management

We can actively manage investments on behalf of our clients. The mandates can be tailor-made to suit your requirements, investment goals, objectives and risk appetite. Investment decisions are made by our professional investment managers, who are available and approachable to provide transparency on their investment strategies and performance. Customers can also use our electronic platform to monitor their wealth in real time.

Wealth management for life and beyond

Heritage is a core part of the eastern culture. We and our partners are experts in the preservation and transitioning of wealth, for you and the future generations to enjoy.