Frontier Capital Investment Limited, our wholly-owned subsidiary, provides comprehensive advisory and implementation services to our customers on capital markets, investment banking and corporate finance. Our professional teams have proven track records in the ever-changing markets. Employing flexibilities in our strategies, combined with research and market insights, we can come up with the most suitable and innovative solutions for our clients.

Pre-IPO (Initial Public Offer) financial advisory services

We can act as an advisor for companies who are planning to become listed on an exchange, with a view to maximizing their values and capitalization, to help them to:

  • Design the corporate governance structure for the company
  • Consolidate and review the financial positions of the company
  • Devise funding and restructuring plans
  • Line up cornerstone investors
  • Optimize shareholding structure

IPO services

Going public is a great milestone for the development of a corporation. Our disciplined team of professionals will strive to finish the project smoothly, in compliance with all regulations and codes, to successfully unleash the full value of the company.

  • Assist in executing roadshows
  • Act as a coordinator with other professionals to manage the overall IPO project

Corporate Finance services

Growing corporates need capital, and Frontier Financial Group can help. With our extensive network of prestigious customers, our close partnership with leading financial institutions, and our experience and understanding of the structure of deals, successful corporations can count on us on originating, advising and executing shares placements, debt issuance, and restructuring.

  • Assess the necessity of additional financing
  • Introduce investors to corporations
  • Tailor-make transaction structures according to clients' needs
  • Review the terms and conditions of different financing offers and solutions

Merger and acquisition services

Our team provides the following three main services related to mergers and acquisitions:

  • Analyse the financial positions, business risks and development strategy for our client companies, to identify potential buyers or targets for takeover, and suggest and implement tactics accordingly.
  • Create the terms of the transaction, based on actual successful cases on the market, and optimized by the use of heavy research and data.
  • Execute the transaction following the takeover codes in the applicable jurisdictions, including carrying out due diligence, coordinating the drafting of legal documents, and providing timely disclosures and announcements, etc.