Equities Trading Services

Frontier Financial Group strives to provide you a streamlined, full-fledged global Equities trading experience, so you can look for various opportunities in the context of globalization with ease. Our investment advisors, who are experts in global market and macroeconomic trends, are eager to offer you help and become your best partners in private wealth management.

Trading platforms and market data services

Frontier Financial Group provides multiple electronic trading channels to cover as many system platforms as possible. In particular, our new Mobile Apps would soon be leading the class, with real time US market data provided to all our customers for free. We strive to put the best tools in your hands and the market within your grasp. (Please Note: Mobile and PC applications currently supports Chinese only.)

HK Stock Market

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) Group is one of the largest financial exchange operators in the world. It provides the platform for trading and clearing various types of securities and derivatives products. Frontier Financial Group's wholly-owned subsidiary, Frontier Capital Management Ltd., is a licensed Exchange Participant. We manage our dedicated trading platform to bring an optimized HK stock trading service to our customers.

US Stock Market

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the oldest stock exchange in the US. With more than 3000 companies listed, including many leaders in each sector, it supports primarily the listing for established, reputable corporates. NASDAQ is the world's first electronic stock market. Since then, it has developed into the major stock market for high tech firms and startups. Frontier Financial Group has lined up with our partners to bring you connectivity to these two prestigious markets on our platform.