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Frontier Financial Group provides a variety of financial services. Our teams of experts can help our clients find the best financial solutions and products.

We are a participant of the Hong Kong and US stock markets, regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. Our customers can make use of our electronic trading platform, install our Mobile Apps, and start trading away quickly and confidently. We also provide real time market data for our customers' convenience.

In addition to wealth management for individuals and institutions, our business also include investment banking services, such as consulting for mergers and acquisitions. Finally, we are also licensed for dealing in properties and insurance products, so we can have all the solutions at our discretion to help our customers meet their targets.


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Milder-than-Expected Impact under the New Drug Procurement Plan with Less Policy Risk Facing Innovative Drugs

The Chinese authority announced on last December the implementation of a pilot scheme of a procurement of drugs with target quantity in 11 cities, namely, Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin etc. The procurement stipulated the tender-wining drug maker guaranteed the purchase quantity for the generic drugs for use in public hospitals in 8 to 15 months. The tender list included 25 drugs, with the average price cut at 50% or above...